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Our technical maintenance team involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, tower's, equipment, machinery and supporting utilities in industrial, business, and residential installations. We’re here to help you be more productive and efficient across your environment.

Radio Access Network

RF & TX Planning & Prediction Plots.

RF- Survey


EMF-Survey (CC and BB-Narda Tool SRM-3006).

RFI Surveys

Pre-sales Survey

Acquisitions-Small Cell

Telecom Services -Network Planning & Optimization

CW drive test, upload data into the RF planning tool(Atoll/Asset) to calibrate the model, clutter wise (Dense/Semi Urban, Rural, Highway).

Transmission topology design is planned to route the voice and data traffic balance. Path Loss Calculation , Link Budgeting & PCM Planning.

Frequency Planning, RF and Tx database Planning.

Choosing nominal and links by conducting RF and LOS EMF-Survey.

EMF Testing

EMF Survey, Broadband Testing & Narrow Band Testing

EMF Survey, Calculation Method

Broadband testing using Narda3006

Narrowband Testing using Narda3006

Report Preparation, submission & acceptance

Major SLA Projects -India

RF-Survey Project

Currently executing RF and civil survey for IWS/Airtel.

Surveyed more than 4000 sites including civil and Transmission site surveys.

RF Tools Capabilities

Tool Type

RF Planning Tools

EMF Testing Tools


GSM, UMTS & LTE/ G-net Tracker

300MHz to 6GHz Narda


Asset, Atoll


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Partnership Training Facilities

We have state of art training facilities and Full Furnished Labs with Desktops, Laptops and Projectors also we have Latest Telecom Softwares for RF Training.





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